Feminas Online Project


Feminas Online

Feminas Online used to be a project made with lots of love and passion, a magazine online for women.

I was the sole founder and creator of this website made with Joomla. I was responsible for managing and updating the website content, authorship of articles together with 4 other collaborators, coordination of social media strategy, weekly newsletters and all the channels of the marketing online. I also customised the design, dealt with any technical problems that may arise and constantly improved the site by adding new modules and sections.
During 3 years I managed to create a big database of women interested in Feminasonline content, an active Forum and be in the first positions on Google for some of the main keywords, applying SEO content. The project finished when we couldn't finance it anymore with sponsors.

Feminasonline meant to be a place of sisterhood, where respect and love to other women was the predominant subject, without that hard criticism we usually give to other women that are different to us. A place to learn this respect and love also by learning to love yourself.

Every woman should be free to choose, outside their culture or family background, about what they want to do with their life and makes them happy. Accepting that sometimes we have to go through different stages before we find what we want. This can be having children and be at home, choosing not be a mum and focus on your career, choosing to have just one kid, be always a lover and not marry or be an astronaut.

This was the meaning of being a Femina Online* – a sister, a friend, a mother, a daughter, a lover …

*This website is no longer active.